Nokia: we're doing 'more than enough' for Lumia 900 users, despite the lack of WP8 upgrade

TheVerge: Microsoft unveiled its Windows Phone 8 operating system earlier this week with software improvements and support for new hardware, but the bombshell for current Windows Phone users was the news of no updates to the new OS. Existing Lumia Windows Phone devices, and some other handsets, will be offered a Windows Phone 7.8 update that includes a new Start Screen interface.

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Revvin3409d ago

Thats pretty lousy attitude to have, as a company you should be thinking "what more can I do?" if thats Nokia's attitude its no wonder they are in so much trouble

Gondee3408d ago

No, you fucked people who trusted you Nokia. This was a very android move, just dumping support for a platform. Now i know it isn't really Nokias fault, since Microsoft decides the release schedule, but I'm sure nokia knew that when they built the phone. They haven fallen into the generic manufacture way of business. Build + ship + move to next build