Bloggers cannot enjoy journalists' legal privileges, says judge

Guardian: "A blogger in the US state of Oregon has just been ordered by a court to pay $2.5m (£1.6m) to an investment company because of a defamatory posting.

Crystal Cox was sued by investment firm Obsidian Finance Group for writing several blog posts that were highly critical of the firm and its co-founder Kevin Padrick."

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GearsOfWar4007d ago

Wow, this is just stupid. There are many blogs that provide a "news service". Do you have to be paid off and sold out to post any news or articles now?

This is going to get worse if they go after people who use Twitter or any other social network.

KingPin4006d ago

then it should work both ways and say that blogs/social networks arent allowed to be used as sources.

but whatever, there is a thing called freedom of speech.