Is Blogging Dead?

ThatNaijaBlog - Sensationalist tech pundits have over the last few years opined that blogging is dead; they attribute their claim to the evolution of microblogging platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr. Many have already been misled into believing some of the theories, but to be sincere, the blogging cyberspace has never been more vibrant and alive.

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FaSCoRP3611d ago

So basically is a blog entry about blogs... This is bloglooping

thorstein3611d ago

I thought it was funny because on the main site it said "Is blogging dead" and the number 0 for responses, thus proving that it is dead.

Funnier still, blogging was lame to begin with. OOOooo I have a WeBlog or Blog to those "in the know." "You totally should read my blog." Then the even more horrible: Vlog. Ugh! No one cares!

Dogswithguns3611d ago

I think so.. I used to love it for a long while years back.