Cnet: Xbox's Bing video search is promising, but imperfect

Cnet: Even with the shortcomings, Bing video search with Kinect's voice recognition feels like a legitimately useful feature that's the fastest way to get to content when you know what you want to watch. On the other hand, we haven't seen anything (in demos or previews) that indicates that the dashboard update will provide the same unified content experience for browsing content, which means you'll still need to dig through the various video-streaming apps if you're just looking for something to watch, but don't have a specific title in mind. That's something Google TV's Honeycomb update actually does quite well, although it has its own set of the frustrations that hold it back.

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How to sign up for Bing's new AI-powered search engine

The update uses OpenAI's language model to make search more conversational and easier to use.

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Bing Serves Malware When You Search for Chrome

Search attempts to download Google chrome using Edge result in getting directed towards a malicious search result. Bing Ad policies to blame

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Serves you right for using IE/edge/bing


Microsoft tries to take on Google Lens with Bing’s new Visual Search

Microsoft has set their sights on Google, with the release of a new Visual Search capability within the Bing app. This will give the app similar functionality to Google Lens, where it can identify objects in photos and give relevant information about them.

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