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Microsoft will pay you to use its new Edge browser

But you also have to make Bing your default search engine to earn points in its revamped rewards program.

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Settler2352d ago

Cool, will definitely join this reward program :D

SunnyZ2351d ago

Now when I say "I would never use IE/EDGE, even if they paid me." people know I'm being 100% genuine.

Devil-X2351d ago

Pay me? How about we all donate $1 each to Microsoft for taking the "Edge Browser" down.

I would not use that crappy Edge browser even in my dreams.

alfcrippinjr2351d ago

your so correct its crap

go with something like comodo dragon

Jayszen2351d ago

They can keep their money - I will stick with Firefox and Chrome. Even Opera is far better. Anything but the 'Edge'

Devil-X2351d ago

I actually use Opera specifically to watch videos while browsing other websites. it's pop out feature is brilliant. Even the YouTube works just fine.

Xavior_Reigns2351d ago

LoL wow MS just wow. Plz someone give completion to this damn company in this area. Im really sick of MS's monopoly in OS and Office.

Devil-X2351d ago

I would love to correct you here but then I would risk getting banned. So NO.

Can somebody else please do the favors instead? just saying.

annoyedgamer2351d ago

Microsoft has no monopoly in Office and ha snot had for years. Open source office programs are available on every platform in existence each with extensive options. They have a small monopoly with Windows but their pushing of Win 10 as a service may likely end up creating the rise of Linux.

Xavior_Reigns2351d ago

Maybe you're right but I say Office because it sure as hell feels like they do. Everywhere Ive been, Ive seen businesses using Windows and definitely Office. Only Full Sail was pushing Apple hard but still had some PCs.

KingPin2350d ago

MS does have a monopoly in Office.
MS gets paid for office, open source office suites do not. the monetizing of office is what the monopoly is all about.

Speed-Racer2350d ago

There isn't a monopoly but office integrates extremely well with other business apps so you tend to see offices choosing it over other 3rd party programs.

jaycptza2350d ago

some people need to look up the meaning of a monopoly. Just because most people use them and Microsoft charge for it does not equal a monopoly. You would swear that "monopoly" was word of the day on their toilet paper. Office just happens to be better and expensive but their are alternatives available

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