Nintendo 3DS sales up 325 per cent

Nintendo's 3DS hadn't been fairing so well, launched with a premium price of £220 ($250), the portable 3D console saw an almost immediate price cut to £130 ($170) after exceptionally poor sales figures, in part due to the the high cost of the system but also largely due to the lack of strong release-day titles.

However, just in time for the holiday season, Nintendo's most popular in-house franchise, Super Mario, has now landed on the 3DS. Since the release of Super Mario 3D Land in the US on November 11th, 3DS sales have soared, seeing a rise of 325 per cent, with the game selling over 500,000 copies in but a few weeks, making this the fastest selling portable Mario game, ever.


Nintendo delayed Breath of the Wild sequel until spring 2023

According to Eiji Aonuma, the game that was natively had a schedule for a 2022 launch has been postponed to spring 2023.

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Nintendo plans to focus on real virtual worlds, not the metaverse

The metaverse continues to be a (warp) pipe dream.

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Nintendo hacker Bowser settles Switch piracy lawsuit for $10 million in restitution

In October 2020, federal authorities arrested Team Xecuter ring leaders Gary Bowser and Max Louarn on 11 felony counts of piracy.

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