Gamers caught in Xbox cyber fraud

ONLINE crooks have hacked into thousands of Xbox Live accounts to steal millions of pounds.

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caseh4026d ago

Only the Sun could come up with a gem of a headline like this:

'ONLINE crooks have hacked into thousands of Xbox Live accounts to steal millions of pounds.'

Had to be millions didn't it.

'Hackers stole £84 from Paul Thompson, 29, of Essex. He said: "People need to know this is happening."'

Well done Paul, you're right they need to know this is happening. A round of applause for this man, he is one of the idiots who most likely fell for those retarded 'send us your email address and password and get a free game' email scams. Muppet!

phosphor1124026d ago

The hack has seemed to have hit thousands of people. Average money amount taken is about 140 (ranges from around 80-200).

Let's be conservative and say that 5k people were hacked, at an average 140 pounds per hack makes it 700k dollars. Make that 10k and it easily breaks 1 mil.

This "hack" or "scam" or whatever you want to call it has been happening for months now from people all around the world. The vast majority of people claim they have never given their information. Whether they are telling the truth or trying to save face is another story.

caseh4025d ago

It's not a hack in ANY shape or form.

What most media outlets refer to as a 'phishing scam' is just social engineering in its simplest form.

'Hello, i'm a Nigerian banker and I have $2.3Bil dollar. Email me your account details and you can have 23%'

^ Thats the jist of it.

A more frequent example -

'Want to know who looks at your Facebook profile, add THIS APP, enter your email address and password and you will be able to see all'

Seriously, this crap works. Why? Becuase people lack common sense. It can't be taught, you either got it or you ain't.

norman294025d ago

Anyone stupid enough to even do those things needs there money taken off them tbh, unless you have illnesses and dont know what your doing ect

phosphor1124025d ago

Do you think I don't understand what a scam is? What I'm saying is that a lot of people, even technically savvy ones have claimed to have been victimized by these attacks. IF they put in their credit card info, it would be more probable that the attackers use the CC info to make non-digital purchases, so they can get physical items. Instead, this seems to be a hack, or an exploit within EA. All of these cases involve Fifa or another EA game. Coincidence? I think not. It may be how XBL contacts EA, and not strictly MS and XBL related.

Thecraft19894025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Its called phishing and nothing to do with MS. These people who have fallen for stupid scam. Its not been going on for months its been going on for years, and will do as long as you have stupid idiots using the internet.

caseh4025d ago


'Instead, this seems to be a hack, or an exploit within EA. All of these cases involve Fifa or another EA game. Coincidence? I think not'

These are the same people who buy the same game year in year out but with a +1 added to the previous years with updated rosters and something flashy like 'epic new AI'. It's no coincidence. :)

sjaakiejj4025d ago


"Social engineering is still a hack"

"It's not just random gamers who are suffering from hacked accounts, we're seeing community managers get hit and discussing it on podcasts, those in the PR business, and many others in the industry who don't feel comfortable talking about the issue publicly. Even more disturbing is the fact that many people report that they follow best practices for online security."

This article is speaking about the same hack, and it's a hack related to Fifa 12.

phosphor1124024d ago

Thanks for the link.

It's funny how these guys automatically assume everyone else is an idiot. He talks down to everyone while being 100% sure that this was all done through phishing. He's obviously too much of a fanboy to realize this is a legitimate issue but instead blames the "idiot" consumers.

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hesido4025d ago

Currently the only thing I enter those phishing websites is
username: f**** you
password: ****holes

I want a phisher password that will alert the service provider (Bank, online gaming platform, etc etc) when entered. When they enter those details, the inteface could go into tracking mode, provide them a fake environment, that gives phishers a bate to bite. The banks could even have separate channels for this. And then "FBI! Freeze!".