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Have the PS3 and Xbox 360 Lost Their Thunder?

In the year since Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One launched, things have become rather difficult for the old warhorses the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For years, the biggest AAA titles would release on both systems not to mention, Rockstar Games’ ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

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saadd202810d ago

I still got my ps3...the slim one was the best!

VforVideogames2810d ago

I still got my ps3 and my 360 but I only turn them on to download freebies, at this moment my XBO gets more use than my ps4 but that its about to change.

KingPin2809d ago

slim one was the best?
i dont know. i think the launch 60GB fatty was better though...card reader, ps2 backwards compatibility, 4 USB ports.

and no, right now i find the ps4 pricey, so ill stick to my ps3. it can still do everything i need it to and play the latest games so its all good.

Devil-X2810d ago

Whatever, but PS3 is what I have and it's the best for me.

jamal10002810d ago

Hope, they will still be going strong until late 2015

Jrmy842810d ago

Can't stop playing my xbox360 or ps3 I'm too much of an achievement\trophy whore. Have just about all games for ps4,it gets used a lot also.

pop-voxuli2810d ago

The 360 lost its mojo quite a while ago but the PS3 still has some pimp juice in the tank.

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The story is too old to be commented.