Facebook puts out Messenger for Windows for beta testing; MSN killer?

Facebook has now pushed out its Messenger for Windows desktop app, which features chat, notifications and the popular ticker feed, to a limited audience.

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Speed-Racer2519d ago

I doubt i'd ever go to FB chat. MSN ftw

GrumpyVeteran2519d ago

Doubt it. I'm content with live messenger & skype, have no desire to sign up to FB ever. No point using a tacky imitation when I can use a well established program right now.

TheEatingVodka2519d ago

I will never create a FB account cause I'm too afraid my boss will want to add me..

Speed-Racer2519d ago

Decline him... like a boss?

TheEatingVodka2519d ago

Can't dude.. It's too dangerous!
What if he later finds out I did that? He'll probably fire my ass

Speed-Racer2518d ago

I'm pretty sure you could sue him or have the company fined. Facebook acceptance isn't part of your work contract. If it is (unless you work for the feds), you shouldn't be working there.

BeerBro2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

you can change the privacy settings so that other ppl can't add you, only YOU can add others.

or you can make your profile un-searchable through search engines, so only you have the ability to search and add others

Series_IIa2519d ago

No doubt it will be just like FB chat which:

- Spams previous messages over and over
- Disconnects you every 10 minutes
- Doesn't send messages frequently

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