Apple iPad Used to Illustrate Boxing Controversy (Cotto vs. Margarito)

In the fierce and brutal world of boxing, it was funny to see one fighter bust out an Apple iPad to accuse his opponent of cheating. That's exactly what happened in HBO's Cotto vs. Margarito Face Off. Miguel Cotto calls for his iPad and shows what appears to be illegal wraps on Antonio Margarito from their first fight. It's awesome to see an iPad used for trash talking in sports.

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spall034027d ago

illegal wraps? are they weighted with gold dust or something?

rpad4027d ago

The mixture was similar to plaster of Paris. That's just immoral. You can really damage your opponent with loaded wraps.

caseh4026d ago

'In the Resto fight, Collins' eyes were swollen shut, especially shocking since Resto was known to be a light puncher. He suffered a torn iris and permanently blurred vision, which prevented him from boxing again.'

Thats an excerpt from Wiki about a fighter called Billy Collins, not quite the same as the illegal wraps as in this case around 1oz of padding was taken from his gloves. The above text is the result of such a small change.

Tampering with wraps or gloves can basically end someones career in under 30 minutes.

spall034026d ago

Wow, an extra 1oz can do that much damage? crazy...

rpad4026d ago

Thanks for bringing up the Lois Resto situation. That was a dark moment for boxing. Personally, I think Margarito should have been banned for life like Resto and his trainer Panama Lewis. Giving yourself an advantage is one thing, but endangering your opponent is just immoral.

Crazyglues4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Let me just say this, Margarito has no right to be boxing period..

If I'm Cotto, I'm going into the rematch to try and kill this fool... -you used illegal wrap hands and nearly killed Cotto in that first fight..

Just look at the fight -

-Cotto's face is so badly beat up that I knew instantly while watching the fight that something foul was going on...

I am a boxing fan and have seen tons of Miquel Cotto fights.. and Margarito fights, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do the math...

Margarito is not a hard puncher, and Cotto has never been so bloody and and hurt bad in any other fight he has ever had.. which means one thing.. -Margarito cheated his a$$ off..

rpad4026d ago

I completely agree with you. Margs shouldn't be fighting because he should be banned for cheating. He also shouldn't of had his license approved because of surgeries to his orbital socket, retina, and cataract. It's crazy that the NY State Athletic Commission is giving him a license to fight, but won't allow MMA in the state.

rpad4026d ago

1) It's labeled as an article not news.

2) Have you seen athletes use an iPad like that before? It's cool and interesting that the device is so mainstream.

Speed-Racer4026d ago

It's just another form of media to present data...which is why I'm wondering why a big deal is being made about it.

rpad4026d ago

Name some other instances of people in combat sports using an iPad to "present media".