The iPad selfie stick is here. RIP humanity

I wish I could say today was April Fools’ Day, but it’s not. If you thought selfie sticks were narcissistic enough, get ready for the iPad Selfie Stick.

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ironfist922862d ago

Should be called the douchestick

calis2862d ago

Nothing funnier than seeing flogs using a tablet to take photos.

no_more_heroes2862d ago

What is the point of the selfie stick?

ZoyosJD2861d ago

To hold the camera far enough away from yourself to get the full picture. Commonly used to get a large group picture without excluding anyone. Other than that it's pretty narcissistic.

mushroomwig2861d ago

These people may as well just hand over their phones and tablets to thieves, they're practically begging for them to get stolen since it's so easy.