Google Music From an iPad User's Perspective

Padvance's Raymond Padilla takes a look at using Google Music and the Android Market Music Store solely on the iPad. He writes, "Google Music is a mostly elegant experience that's hampered by one irritating flaw."

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Free Nest Mini (2020): Gift for YouTube and Google Music subscriptions

Some good things happen too in 2020, for example you can get a free Nest Mini smart speaker for your YouTube Premium or Google Play Music subscriptions.

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iPhones, iPads at risk of new lock screen passcode bypass flaw | ZDNet

The flaw affects iPhones 5 and 6, and iPad 2, running iOS 8.2 and later.


Can you do ‘real work’ on an iPad?

Charles Arthur: "It’s time to stop the snobbishness about how superior a ‘proper computer’ is."

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