What would the iPhone 5 look like if Apple used all of its patents?

Apple is sitting on hundreds upon thousands of patents. But what if Apple actually made use of its legally protected ideas, and threw every design, feature, and piece of software that they've patented into the next iteration of the iPhone?

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CynicalVision4632d ago

'Anti-sexting technology'

That would go down well.

animalia854632d ago

Kids will just make up words that mean the same anyways. When mom and dad turn into Big Brother it's a problem. On a unrelated note you are very cute.

KROBOS93939394632d ago

the awkward moment when you realise that he's a dude

fatstarr4632d ago

the real world drm tech has been patented to some extent for taking a picture and telling you info about it.

but the second half is some real typical apple stuff disabling cameras in specific locations pfft wheres the freedom to do bad if you want.

jerethdagryphon4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

sorry the holo immage isnt right

this patent

granted very recently


released in 2009

makes a hole in there patent already

Shackdaddy8364629d ago

IDK why they said the iglove was complicated. It's not complicated at all. It's a glove that can affect capacitance. That's how iphone touch screens work - they have a ton of capacitors on a layer of the screen. You then touch a part of the screen which affects the area of the capacitors around it. It can then do a calculation of where you put your finger based on the capacitance of the capacitors affected.

They have gloves like this you can buy right now...

Sahil4628d ago

A monster, everything you need.. lol


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franwex2594d ago

I still use my iPhone 4. It's my alarm clock and sometimes I watch youtube on the mobile browser late at night.