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iPhone 5 case picture surfaces

PCA: "This photo was taken by a phone shop employee who’d just taken delivery of the first batch of silicon cases for the iPhone 5. As you can see in the picture below, the case for the iPhone 5 dwarfs the iPhone 4 on the right."

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CptFlashHeart2595d ago

Device would have to be F**KING massive to fill that, not to mention clarity loss in the screen. BOGUS IMHO.

toaster2595d ago

Not really. If the iPhone 5 will be 4 inches then it would still be smaller than my Desire HD :D

crxss2595d ago


it's not really that big, there are a lot of 4.3'' phones that fit fine. i wouldn't be surprised if they up the resolution a little bit either.

Crazay2595d ago

The size of phones baffle me now. When did it become fashionable to carry a brick in your pocket? These things remind me of the old phones that Zack Morris used in Saved by the Bell.

Christopher2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Oh, hyperbole, how I've missed thee.

DynaTAC phone size - 10" long w/o the antenna and weighed 28 ounces.

iPhone 4 - 4.5" long and weighs 4.8 ounces

In case you need a visual reference to your hyperbole

The majority of smart phones today are still a lot smaller and lighter than smart phones from six years ago.


Now that that is said... I say possibly not because there's no need for it to gain in size but in picture quality and screen touch capability. Processor-wise, no need since processors are continuing along a fairly continuous line in regards to miniaturization.

TwistedMetal2594d ago

since when did everyone become panzies and want super small phones. the smaller and thinner it is the more crap the battery life emo. add a little thickness to the iphone 4 and a little hight and it will still be small enough and have a bigger battery.

Sahil2589d ago

The pics have been around for weeks, and it seems nothing like Samsung's product.

Keep your hopes up Photo - one day.......