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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Banned in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been banned in Europe after a claim from Apple regarding the illegal use of their technology.

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fatstarr3565d ago

i cant wait till sneeky apples grand master plan comes thru im just gonna say i told you so.

shitty ass company
Brainwashing all
and changing the world -_-

i second this. f apple x10

i cant wait till all the company's cash in their patents and screw them over

i know microsoft can pull something up for windows mobile.

Winkle923565d ago

Banned it before an actual investigation? Seems backwards.

FlashXIII3565d ago

Seems about right for the UK at least. What happened to the saying Innocent until proven guilty?

blackhammer3565d ago

Innocent until proven guilty!? What world do you live in?


In all seriousness, this (the ban) is a pretty dick move.

khamvongsa093565d ago

What is the technology they claim to be using? :O

Blaine3565d ago

From the article:

“Note that this preliminary injunction is all about a design-related intellectual property right, not about hardware or software patents.”

khamvongsa093565d ago

So how else is a tablet suppose to look like? >.>

Never liked Apple, and now I never will...

kronicgeek3565d ago

Their design, according to Apple

Quagmire3565d ago

I love how apple thinks being first means being the best. Hope the ban falls through.

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The story is too old to be commented.