Samsung modified and relaunched Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany

FOSS Patents - In its intellectual property spat with Apple, Samsung proves resilient, perseverant, and courageous. If there ever was any doubt about those virtues (not on my part anyway), here's the latest example: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is once again available in Germany, despite a preliminary injunction that Apple won in early August and the Dusseldorf Regional Court confirmed in September.

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The Best Android Tablets of All Time

Hardcore Droid-‘Tis the season for high-tech gift giving—well, almost. But with Black Friday on the horizon, it is most definitely the season for purchasing high-end electronics. And here at Hardcore Droid, we want to help you find the perfect gift for that Android gamer in your family. And while phones are all fine and good, to be a truly hardcore mobile gamer, you need a bigger screen, faster processor and ultimately a richer gaming experience. Enter: a shiny new Android tablet. And to help you sift through the piles and piles of options floating around out there, we thought we’d highlight out favorites, all with the most hardcore specs (in no particular order, of course).

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi Only ICS Update Rolling Out in US

appsplit: "Good news for all Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Wifi) owners in US. If you happen to live in the US then you’ve got yourself some tasty Ice Cream Sandwich treat. Samsung has officially begun rolling out ICS updates to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi only in the US."

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Samsung Rolls Out Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Galaxy Tab 10.1

AH: "Samsung has reportedly started rolling out ICS update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Not just the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will receive the aforementioned update but other tablets that include Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and Galaxy Tab 7.7 will also receive the ICS update as well. We have reports coming in that only the UK and other European Galaxy Tabs have received the update so far and US will soon follow but still you can try your luck."

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