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Starbucks students, laptop loungers: Your days are numbered

Starbucks is about to change its policy on how it does business with ‘customers’ who overstay their welcome by taking up needed space for paying customers. What started out as a good PR ploy has turned into a practical lesson in reality. If you provide free internet, they will surely come….and stay, and stay and stay.

caseh4635d ago

All I can say is about fucking time!

All too many times i've gone into a coffee shop, namely Starbucks and figured I would crash out have a coffee.

9 times out of 10 i'm forced to sit in the most uncomfortable seats imaginable as all the couches etc are taken up by students scrubs who are lazing about on the couches with macbook/ipad in hand and no drinks in sight.

If it isn't that then its the next extreme of pre-pubescent kids showing each other streaming internet music videos etc from their mobile phones.

My 2 cents worth: Give a code for each coffee paid for - internet access for say 45 minutes. Anyone who takes longer than 30-45 minutes to finish a SINGLE cup of coffee should be beaten with sticks and pissed on from a great height.

Rant over.

Winkle924635d ago

Pretty much nailed it. Well said.

fatstarr4635d ago

that would be an excellent idea. i see a side market for starbucks wifi codes.

but that is annoying to all hell walking into a starbucks to see an unfriendly wave of apple hipsters taking up all the seats doing nothing.

i have never sat in a starbucks... the closest thing for me is getting a chair ina Barnes & Nobles that has a starbucks in it.

Speed-Racer4635d ago

Yup, my sentiments exact. Really annoying trying to find a seat near Starbucks that are close to college campuses. It's usually a great place to do work (I'm surprisingly more efficient outside of my home) but it gets annoying when they flood the shop making noise and showing off with their iPads. XD

TheKindRoost4635d ago


Hahaha! I don't go to starbuck but I'm willing to shell out 10 bucks for a simple coffee to see hipsters been "beaten with sticks and pissed on from a great great heights"

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