Amazon and Starbucks 'pay less tax than a sausage stand', Austria says

Centre-left politician also criticises Google and Facebook and complains that EU states with low-tax regimes have lured multinationals

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SouthClaw2222d ago

its about time companies paid their part

big_dom_returns2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Paid their part? The b*stards should be put on trail in The Hague. Apple, Google, Starbucks...crooks the lot of them.

Dasteru2220d ago

Sausage stands also do not create jobs or effect the economy in any noticeable way.

Large scale companies like Amazon and Starbucks are given tax breaks as incentive to open more locations, and create more jobs, which in turn improves the economy. That economical improvement gives the government far more money than higher taxes ever could.