Rumour: iPhone 5 Photo Leaked?

A recently leaked photo of the iPhone 5

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mcstorm4646d ago

Wow that has to be the best best design they have come up with yet. O wait it looks just like a Iphone4 but abit thiner.
I wonder if everyone will rush out and buy the Iphone5 again or will they of found out the Iphone is not the best device on the market anymore and that they get riped off by the price of the device and price plans.

halocursed4646d ago

What makes you think it's not the best device on the market? The price?
Design costs money and people do it for a reason. When you go cheap, the first thing cut is design, followed by QA.

kingjoker344646d ago

Its not the best device on the market because It lacks the specs of some of the higher end phones that are cheaper and even look better.
android gingerbread >>>>>>>&g t;IOS

gaffyh4646d ago

Pixelated hands but no pixelated phone?

mcstorm4646d ago

Its made by apple for a start. Its over priced and the same as the orignal iphone. Both android and windows phone 7 are better os devices. Apple make it look like there devices offer more than any other device on the market when they dont. Plus the tariffs the iphone is put on is always more expensive than other smart phones. Its linked to itunes which is by far the worst music software.

Corepred44646d ago

Sure wish everybody would stop riding android's D so hard. The iphone's design is a proven success. Simple and functional. What about android's os that makes it sooooo much better than ios? geez, shut up.

gaffyh4645d ago

@corepred4 - I think the main thing is that Android is more open, which is why people like it, because it is easier to hack. But because of that it has more malware.

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Shackdaddy8364646d ago

Well, I will be one of those guys that rushes out to get one :)

Not because I'm an apple fanboy though(Actually I've hated them ever since I found out they have more money than the U.S.. No company should be that rich) It's because I've had a phone for 8 years now and the only thing holding it together is scotch tape. I also use an ipod for mp3s and that is about 6 years old. So now I just figure that I will combine the two into one big update. I don't need flash and all those other things. I'm not big on browsing the web on a phone...

I also happen to really like the look of the iphone 4 but that isn't a big selling point for me.

GrumpyVeteran4645d ago

Sorry mcstorm! I hit disagree rather than agree.

Anyway, yep, Apple milking this baby hard.

mcstorm4645d ago

Its ok and apple are milking everything they make at the moment. The iphone, ipad, ipod are good devices but they are held back by apple and everyone else has overtaken them in the market. IMO Windows phone 7 is the best mobile os out there and when Mango update comes out it will take some catching. Tablets for me android hunnycomb and the xoom is the best tablet on the market with hdmi out sd storage flash support thumb keyboard, and wide screen full office puts the ipad in its place. But i think when microsoft start pusjing windows 8 on tablets it will be better than android as it will be a full os.

The thing that has kept the i devices going is the adverts apple havedone but now they are starting to run out of ideas on what they can show off now.

Qrphe4646d ago

Appreciating differences in appearance among the iPhone line phones is like appreciating differences in water droplets

fllysurfer4646d ago

pathetic.... even the hand is stretched... bad phothshop

BubbleSniper4646d ago

lol................. is it that obvious? hahahaha

halocursed4646d ago

@kingjoker34 So you only care about specs? Please tell me why does a mercedes benz cost more than a ford with the same horsepower, gas mileage and storage space?

It's about design, attention to detail and build quality, I'm not saying Android phones are bad compared to Apple, but you're paying extra for the ease of use and an overall experience. Apple products aren't expensive they just don't have a low-end.

eferreira4646d ago

well said. So many apple haters. Enjoy your ford Taurus of a phone lol

Speed-Racer4646d ago

I'm sorry dude but the better phones like the Droids, Nexuses, etc are well built and rugged phones, and seem to be very durable compared to those glassy iPhones which break when you drop them 2cms. I honestly don;t want to have to handle my phone like it's the crown of england.

shoddy4646d ago

That would bring apple down to any other class phone.
Now it overprice.

High quality product have no excuse especially large volume of problem.

spunkee3114646d ago

Personally I think Android phones are just bad. You try to scroll down and they lag. Sure you can customize whatever you want. But I just want a phone not a computer rip off. Android's market is sub par as well. Experience is always better on a iPhone. Always.

maverick11914646d ago

have you seen what you can do with a jailbroken iphone you can do pritty much anything play ps1, ps2 games, snes etc anything you think of something and theres a app for it

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franwex2568d ago

I still use my iPhone 4. It's my alarm clock and sometimes I watch youtube on the mobile browser late at night.