FroogleGeek: There Won’t Be A 64GB iPhone 5

FroogleGeek: For those of you hoping that the iPhone 5 would come in a 64GB flavor it looks like your hopes and dreams could be crushed today as a Korean carrier leaked model numbers for the next iPhone.

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EazyC4204d ago

No higher than 32? Lame.

Shackdaddy8364204d ago

I don't see why you would need more than 32...

Software_Lover4203d ago

Well I have 40gb in my samsung focus. Great for movies

Bull5hifT4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

i have a 64 gig itouch 4rth gen and only 4,000 songs and 8 full length movies, i used to have 7,500 song and 2 movies, but i like to show off the picture quality on the retina display, i only have 2 gigs, same for my ps3 its a 320 gig and with my 70+ games and all the installs im down to 10 gigs' im upgrading to a 500 or 680gb for it.....i need everything in hd or 320kbps at least, most movies are 2.5 GB and most songs 8mb each ....i also got like 160 apps

BubbleSniper4201d ago

I have 1 Terrabyte PS3 =) I have so many movies on there... i got another PS3 with 750 or so gigs in it purely for games.

more space doesn't hurt anyone imo

Bull5hifT4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

They got 1 Terabytes 2.5 Sata's? Wow, the thing is i just got a 500GB Solid State Hybrid and its superfast like 11,000 RPM and 64MB Cache but my laptop doesnt need such power , ive hardly used 70Gb of it, i also got 5 Terabytes external USB 3.0 Drives i was hoping of backing up my ps3 in one of them and buying PS+ to throw up my Saves on the Cloud because backing up your ps3 doesnt do game saves, or I could put my 500GB into my dads ps3 and transfer everything over to it, i dunno

Zeeraq4203d ago

They'll release iPad 3 in March 2012 and iPhone 6 in September 2012.

Ulf4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

That'd be a huge mistake on Apple's part.

Whether users need the extra space, or not, is immaterial. The majority of consumers, who don't understand the difference between "A4" and "A5" will simply not care to upgrade, if they cannot bump an obvious number (one they understand from usage, and that is printed big on the packaging) to the next level.

12-16GB and 48-64GB models, or Apple is just throwing in the towel to Android and the zillions of hardware companies who *will* go there.