LulzSec and Anonymous are the least of your hacker worries

CNN Money: LulzSec took down the CIA's website in mid-June in an effort to prove to the world that the hacker group should be taken seriously.

But in the truly grand ecosystem of cybercriminals, LulzSec, Anonymous, AntiSec and other so-called "hacktivist" organizations are much more of a nuisance than a serious threat. They're fringe groups that are by far the least worrisome of all cyber attackers.

"This isn't juicy stuff that they're getting from their attacks," said Eric Fiterman, founder of Rogue Networks, a security startup backed by Northrop Grumman (NOC, Fortune 500). "They themselves don't know the full cybercrime ecosystem, and they tend to over-inflate their position in the hierarchy."

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Speed-Racer4656d ago

True stuff... they just take advantage by injecting bad queries or just DDoS servers.. Baby stuff.

SKUD4656d ago

Never call attention to yourself. Hack 101.

tiffac4653d ago

They are hacktivist not hackers so not attracting attention would make whatever they are fighting for to fail.


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