Microsoft's Ballmer admits Windows Phone 7 sales still small

Pocket-Lint: Ballmer has acknowledged that Windows Phone 7 market share is still incredibly small compared to that of Android and the iPhone almost a year after it’s launch, but that it’s be a “heck of a year”.

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"AMD is in the rearview mirror" after Alder Lake launches said Intel's CEO Pat Gelsinger

Like Steve Ballmer, who is infamous for his openness to say anything, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is also daring to say anything he feels. However, in a less

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Steve Ballmer says social networks can't fight fake news

Ex-Microsoft CEO wants the platforms to create systems for verifying sources.


Ballmer Chides Microsoft Over Cloud Revenue Disclosures

Microsoft: One major Microsoft Corp. investor wasn’t happy with the level of disclosure Wednesday at the company’s annual shareholder meeting: Steve Ballmer. The company should disclose profit margins and sales for its cloud and hardware businesses, Microsoft’s former chief executive officer said.

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