Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone should run Android apps

Microsoft should be working on making Windows Phone run Android apps, according to the company's former chief executive Steve Ballmer.

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Revvin1053d ago

Steve Ballmer is talking but lets hope nobody from Microsoft is listening. On the face of it running Android apps may sound like a good idea but you risk turning the Windows platform on phones into being an Android accessory and I'm sure Google would love that.

I hope Microsoft are playing the longer game, with a unified OS unlike the abortion of Windows RT and Windows Phone and Windows 8 under Ballmer then there is aa better chance of developers getting on board if their apps can run on and be bought by phone users, tablet users and desktop users.

Ballmer presided over a dark period for Microsoft, they lacked focus and seemed to have a scattergun approach to what they wanted to do and what products they developed and reading online it seemed Ballmer was the stumbling block when it came to creativity.

Microsoft now have a CEO who comes across as more like a visionary like Steve Jobs than a shrieking idiot like Steve Ballmer. Panos Panay is now leading the engineering of all their devices which I think is a good move, Microsoft are now making their own cool devices and not shackling themselves to another manufacturer like the ill-fated alliance with Nokia which to me was just too desperate companies clinging to each other in the hope something might work. Nokia lost their market share through a lack of innovation and Microsoft needed someone to carry Windows Phone for them and it was pretty much a disaster in slow motion.

Surface is becoming very popular and the latest Lumia 950 with Continuum is an interesting device and with integrated Office functionality and apparently there is a Surface phone on the way too. Windows 10 is a stable OS and has been adopted by millions worldwide. Microsoft finally seem to have some of their mojo back so the last thing they need is to listen to Steve Ballmer's advice.