Is Panasonic your most-loved technology brand?

Which? Convo: Our latest Which? satisfaction survey found that Panasonic was the number one rated technology brand in almost every high tech product category. Do you agree? Or is there another technology brand you prefer?

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codyodiodi4222d ago

I love my Panasonic Plasma TV. Not sure if they are my most loved technology brand though.

_Q_4222d ago

My last 3 tvs have been pannys. Hasnt let me down yet. FYI Panasonic is also very well known for their microwaves all over. That may contribute to the love.

KingPin4222d ago

my most loved tech brand is sony. the quality of their products is something hard to find in others. i won everything from surround sound systems, tvs, playstation to car audio. still hasn't let me down.

astar1234567894222d ago

the two companies that i use is apple and sony