Tech review: Panasonic SC-HTB700 soundbar and subwoofer |

Sound from your movies and TV shows fill the room with the Panasonic SC-HTB700 soundbar and subwoofer

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PrimeVinister821d ago

How is the Bluetooth connectivity?? My soundboard has good audio over Bt but the lag is horrible.

markkavanagh820d ago

Bluetooth reliable enough. No aptX or aptXHD support mind you

PrimeVinister820d ago

I doubt these would be of high enough quality to notice too much.

But adjusting the volume or pausing music comes with a second of delay over Bt. You often overshoot or keep pausing and unpausing.


Telford91821d ago

I've never invested in a soundbar so it's hard to judge how much I'm missing out on

markkavanagh820d ago

I've tried a few solo soundbars which are great if you are tight on space but must say the subwoofer made a huge difference.