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New BlackBerry Torch, Curve, Bold due late August at Bell

Electronista - A line-up of new BlackBerry handsets coming to Canadian provider Bell has been leaked and posted up on the web by TechFIBE. The leak includes the Curve 9360, the Bold 9900, Torch 9860, and the Torch 9810. All but the Curve 9360 are slated for a late August release, with the single handset due to arrive in September. The Curve is again singled out by sporting an 800MHz processor rather than the 1.2GHz CPUs of the other three.

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BlackBerry Torch 2 slides through the FCC, bound for AT&T?

Engadget - We've already gotten our grubby little mitts on it, and it looks like soon enough you too will be able to wrap your QWERTY-loving digits around a Torch 2. It looks like the display-centric BlackBerry just slid its way through the FCC, sporting 850MHz and 1900MHz GSM bands, indicating this particular model (listed as RDM71UW) is destined for AT&T.

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Engadget - BlackBerry Torch 2 preview

Engadget - We've already seen the BlackBerry Torch 2 in photos courtesy of Mr. Blurrycam, but a little birdie from Negri Electronics was kind enough to send over a pre-release device for us to get under our own glass for a little photo shoot. Though it has a virtually identical form factor to the original, the Torch 2 bumps the specs in almost every department from the camera to the RAM. Oh, and it's running the next-gen BB OS 7 -- which is really OS 6.1, and still lacks any QNX DNA. Read on past the break for a full preview of this yet-to-be-announced slider, and some glorious HD video if the beautious shots aren't enough to whet your BBM-hungry appetites.

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BlackBerry Bold Touch and BlackBerry 7 OS Headline BlackBerry World Day 1

There’s no getting around it, RIM hasn’t had the best year ever. It's been steadily losing market share to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7, there's been lackluster response to BlackBerry 6 OS and the Blackberry Torch, and at best tepid reviews and sales of their first tablet, the PlayBook, have not left the company on rock solid footing. So, pardon, bold moves were a must for the company as developers and journalists gather in Orlando, FL for BlackBerry World.

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