New BlackBerry Curve Touch Image and Specs!

Crackberry - While the BlackBerry apollo and sedona are looking to be the next update to the entry level BlackBerry Curve line in a non-touchscreen format, following those devices a touchscreen variant is on the way. Pictured above is the BlackBerry codenamed malibu, the CDMA flavor of what will likely go to market as the BlackBerry Curve Touch, which is slated to be released in late 2011/early 2012 as the first Curve to lack a keyboard.

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New BlackBerry Torch, Curve, Bold due late August at Bell

Electronista - A line-up of new BlackBerry handsets coming to Canadian provider Bell has been leaked and posted up on the web by TechFIBE. The leak includes the Curve 9360, the Bold 9900, Torch 9860, and the Torch 9810. All but the Curve 9360 are slated for a late August release, with the single handset due to arrive in September. The Curve is again singled out by sporting an 800MHz processor rather than the 1.2GHz CPUs of the other three.

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N4BB - First Look: BlackBerry Orlando; Curve Touch with physical keyboard

N4BB - We’ve received word that RIM is working on a new device codenamed BlackBerry Orlando. The Orlando will have an almost identical form factor as the BlackBerry Sedona/Apollo that we showed you before. However, the Orlando will have a touchscreen, think of it as a ‘mini-Bold Touch’. Basically, the Orlando will be a higher-end version of the Sedona/Apollo. This could put the Orlando in the same ‘Curve Touch’ category as the BlackBerry Malibu. As we’ve seen, the Malibu will be a full touchscreen device. Of course, the Orlando will include a physical keyboard.

Strongfist364708d ago

How do we know this isn't just a regular curve pictured above?