PSN Pass to clamp down on the pre-owned game dealers

Sony has officially announced its PSN Pass service, which is said to limit the number of times a game is used.

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Speed-Racer3596d ago

Do you guys think this is a good idea?

thereapersson3596d ago

It will mostly affect retailers such as GameStop because they receive a lot of their profits from used game sales.

thebudgetgamer3595d ago

paying a few more dollars on a used game does not bother me that much, it's the locking a game to one console that is bad business.

bigevilworldwide3595d ago

Yes its an amazing Idea now Microsoft and Nintendo need to follow.

just_looken3595d ago


Microsoft has drm on there os's and the 360 also uses ea's drm at the moment on the sports games just a fyi also this will make gaming a rental service you never own the product.

Technical World3595d ago

No of course it's not. The same stores selling their games are going to loose money, lots of money. Have you walked into a Gamestop lately? They have more used games than new. I personally dont like buying used games because gamestop always gives me discs that dont read.

slaton243595d ago

just ur bad luck everytime i go to my closest gamestop everything works fine with me...just take ur stuff back and explain and get a swap out plain and simple...

hiredhelp3595d ago

This is pure BS im sorry people. But this is a story of greed.
Gameshops have been going for many years. New and used. So why wait till now to complain. They still have money to buy homes nice cars, they get more money than most of the average hard working joe. Its shamfull

Shinuz3595d ago

Yes i think its a good idea.
More money to the developer and less to those shitty game stores.
Pc games have been doing that for years now, just look at how successful steam is, this is basically the same thing.

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RonyDean3596d ago

Sucks big time for me because I rent all my games... I guess the creators and publishers have to make their money some how...

Speed-Racer3596d ago

Maybe lenders may get a different version of the game....but sellers like EB Games may feel a tiny crunch.

bigevilworldwide3595d ago

If your renting it why would you need to play multi anyways seems like a waste of money

slaton243595d ago

like the guy above u said eb games gamestop renting games and now gamefly have been around for some time so y start now....the creators and publishers just want more money than they r gettin cause now a days its all about the greed

MisfitSmurf3596d ago

Hopefully Sony doesnt screw this up and allow multiple accounts on the same ps3 be able to use it.

Claude3596d ago

If it can help them make better games, then I'm for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.