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Why Verizon killed its unlimited plans

Gigaom - Verizon stops offering unlimited plans on Thursday for new customers, and much like when AT&T halted its unlimited plans last June, the world will not end. However, it will get more confusing as customers try to figure out how much data they need to buy and developers wait to see what happens to their businesses. No matter what Verizon says, though, this pricing shift isn’t about supply or a lack of mobile capacity but rather about demand. In short, because we want mobile connectivity wherever we go, Verizon is willing to bet we will pay for it.

fatstarr4673d ago

smh -_- hopefully i keep my unlimited for sometime. i forget how this all works but its a shame. i still have my unlimited deals for now .

TheBeast4672d ago

See with my unlimited plan i did tethering, did not need to use my network at home because it was cheaper. Verizon probably got told by ISPs.


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