Eidos Montreal's website hacked

The hacking fun continues as Eidos’ Montreal website succumbed to the faith of Internet terrorists. After post-analysis, Square Enix confirmed that over 25,000 email addresses were stolen as well as 350 resumes (from prospective workers hoping for jobs at Eidos). While this news comes just after Sony’s bad luck with PSN, it can be confirmed that Anonymous is not responsible for the wrongdoing.

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Cat4669d ago

No comments? Makes me feel like we've given up on life. Or my life was hacked. Frak.

Speed-Racer4669d ago

so many hacks these days, it's normal business as usual.

toaster4669d ago

People don't give enough thought to it. When I'm on Facebook I read all these posts talking about hack this and hack that, and people don't know the true gravity of things. Like most of my friends that are on PSN were totally oblivious to how f*cked they could be, they had no idea what information was in jeopardy.

denero14669d ago

i agree it has become such a part of every day society that people just look at it as normal when really it's not acceptable

Louis_Guzman4669d ago

lulz, I'm IN Ur s!te k!llin' uR Deus Ex!

Sahil4669d ago

The world is full of HACKS n LAWSUITS!


AMD and Square Enix is to launch AMD4U - Gamers can receive free games from independent developers

AMD and Square Enix, two of the biggest names in technology and gaming, have joined forces to introduce AMD4U, an innovative new program that will provide AMD consumers with a range of games from a new generation of cutting edge independent development teams from around the world.


You’ll soon be able to get prosthetics based on Deus Ex’s augmentations

If you’ve ever gazed longingly at Adam Jensen’s augmentations and wished they were yours, here’s some unexpected good news: soon you’ll be able to make one for yourself. Eidos Montreal is collaborating with robotics start-up Open Bionics and Razer to produce “Deus Ex inspired augmentations”. In particular, “affordable, functional and beautiful” bionic hands.


"One Button to Rule Them All" - Square Enix Awarded Patent for Single-Button System

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Derekvinyard133600d ago

a patent for a button, this article is weird. gotta see how this works