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Square Enix Announces Project Flare Cloud Gaming Service

Maximum PC: Square Enix has announced Project Flare, a cloud gaming service similar to what OnLive offered back in 2010. Unlike OnLive, however, the game publisher asserts that the company’s service will offer a “technological breakthrough in cloud gaming.”

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Speed-Racer3848d ago

Cloud Flare? LOLOLOL. Most unreliable cloud I know to date.


AMD and Square Enix is to launch AMD4U - Gamers can receive free games from independent developers

AMD and Square Enix, two of the biggest names in technology and gaming, have joined forces to introduce AMD4U, an innovative new program that will provide AMD consumers with a range of games from a new generation of cutting edge independent development teams from around the world.


"One Button to Rule Them All" - Square Enix Awarded Patent for Single-Button System

Twinfinite writes, "Yesterday, Square Enix was rewarded a US patent for a single-button RPG battle system. It was submitted by Hajime Tabata, co-Director for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV."

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Derekvinyard133682d ago

a patent for a button, this article is weird. gotta see how this works


Square Enix hacked

Square Enix is the latest company to suffer a compromise to their servers. The company has since suspended services to its members until they fully assess the extent of damage to their system.

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Speed-Racer4541d ago

Yet another name falls victim to hacking. Could it be through a back door though, because I know a lot of sites actually leave back doors open JUST IN CASE they themselves get locked out. A lot of hackers usually look for these simple backdoors. It's a shame that people have to exploit it though. While hacking does bring about better security measures (for those who choose to act upon it), the hackers could at least be a bit more responsible and work with the companies rather than just hitting the system for fun. Some hackers get paid to hack, so why not make some bling bling while having fun?

Lord_Sloth4540d ago

You're asking HACKERS to be responsible. That's like asking a killer to be courteous when killing itself is a foul deed.

Lord_Sloth4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

Never heard of that but in that case, I withdraw my comment and apologize.