What went down at the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing, China?

9to5mac: "According to my friend who was at the Sanlitun Apple Store when the incident took place, there were dozens of resellers outside the store trying to get the white iPhone 4, they were told to wait in line and was not allowed to go inside. Resellers got pissed and smashed the glass door, which costs about 300,000RMB or 46,000USD, according to an apple employee at the store".

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Speed-Racer4115d ago

Pathetic really how people get so violent over a product. I know people get antsy about new products but this is just beyond reasonable.

Must have been tempered glass for it to cost that much.

KingLizzle4115d ago

Yeah, that's just ridiculous. It's only a phone for goodness sake!

Techsmith4114d ago

It's not just a phone....It's the "God" phone.

Techsmith4114d ago

And they say Android fans are bad, this is definitely an iFail.

TheMrMadzen4114d ago

Dude.....IT'S WHITE!!!!......-_-

michass84114d ago

apple should invest in security and build the moat around the factory and stores :)

cheetorb4113d ago

Good old consumerism. What a great brainwash. Buy this so you can be happy, cool, accepted, normal, envied, admired...just a load of sh*t that people buy up and eat like ice cream.