Eden iPhone 4/4S Case (Tech) | FTG Review

FTG Writes: I can quickly recall numerous occasions I’ve been seriously disappointed in something tech-related that I’ve bought. From PC parts, console controllers, and promising gadgets, something in every category has let me down in one way or another. It was only a matter of time before there was an iPhone case that would finally be marked down in the questionable existence pile. Musubo, known for their high design cases, released the Eden, a sleek case with removable solid color inserts fashioned to look like a leaf. It can’t be as bad as I’m making it out to be, right?

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Apple will pay $15 to iPhone 4s owners for intentionally slowing down the phones

Apple ultimately decided to resolve these six-year-old court proceedings and agreed to pay $15 to each impacted iPhone 4s holder.

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Leaks Show That iPhone 12 Series Design Could Look Similar To iPhone 4

According to Apple, they are working on making exterior design of iPhone 12 better. Jin Store has got the drawings as well as the moulds from case makers.

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New "unpatchable" iPhone exploit could allow permanent jailbreaking on millions of devices

The Verge: All devices from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone X are impacted.

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1nsomniac1463d ago

Fair play to them. On the ethical hacker side of things I would use the hack as leverage against Apple to continue to support their equipment. As they just dropped support for their iPad mini2’s etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they work perfectly fine but are now blocked from receiving security updates etc. So the consumer is forced to purchase a new product that does the exact same thing.