Firefox 4 reaches 54 million downloads in 10 days

Mozilla's browser continues to break records in 10 days download getting the figure of 54 million downloads. With these results obtained greatly exceed the number of downloads of its competitor Internet Explorer 9.

With the data that show in real time, see how Firefox 4 has got 54 million downloads. The new Mozilla browser, is downloaded about 225,000 times per hour on average, or what is the same, 3,750 times per minute.

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swishman2969d ago

i dwnlded but still feel chrome is faster, i wanna see some performance charts

ugabugaz2969d ago

Check out Peacekeeper.

Opera is fastest on my system (In most categories), followed by Chrome, and then firefox.

zeal0us2969d ago

chrome faster in some areas but mozilla better in other areas, I believe lifehacker and engadget post test results.

dkgshiz2969d ago

Mozilla launched yet again another mediocre Linux build. Good thing I'm sticking with Chrome.