Pocket-Lint: Firefox 4 Review

Pocket-Lint: The browser wars are hot again, and Firefox is struggling to keep up with the ever updating Chrome and a revitalised Internet Explorer. So it’s about time the open source browser unveiled a new version, with a new look and feel and new features. Firefox 4 has been a long time coming, with the last major version released well over a year ago - in fact that’s longer than it’s taken Microsoft to release IE9. With competition from all sides, has this been a year well spent?

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dkgshiz3902d ago

Firefox 4 was pretty crappy in my opinion. At least the Linux build was. It had a lot of problems for me. Google chrome runs like a charm though. I did run Firefox 4 on my mac and it seemed to be a little bit better. Still Google Chrome still tops it for speed a reliability so there is basically no reason to even make the switch.