HP TouchPad emerges from the Vietnamese wilds, sporting SIM slot

Engadget: We've seen the HP TouchPad up close and personal, but only under strict supervision -- and now that we find Tinhte has been playing with a prototype for hours on end, you can only imagine our jealousy. Anyways, without those meddlesome PR representatives to keep them from prying at ports, the Vietnamese gadget hounds discovered that the slate has a slot for a SIM card.

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Install Jelly Bean on Your HP TouchPad

AH: HP TouchPad the infamous WebOS tablet by Hewlett-Packard, which was discontinued by the company for really low amount of sales after a while. Well, developers over at XDA have been very busy with the TouchPad lately bringing Android ports for the device. We saw a working Gingerbread port followed by an ICS port and now an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port for the device is available."

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CM9 Alpha 2 on Touchpad

Living With a Nerd - Despite CM9 still being in Alpha, it’s more than stable enough for us to use on a daily basis.

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HP Touchpad Fire Sale Before Christmas Week, Price Discount The Same

Pinoytutorial: Its now confirmed HP Touchpad will have a fire sale once again approximately 12 days before Christmas. Its price discount is similar with the device’s previous deals.

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