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Firefox 4 Delayed… Again…

Last Thursday, Christian Legnitto announced that the next test version of Firefox 4, beta 12, will not be shipped for several days. In a message to a Firefox development mailing list, he says that there are still too many bugs that needs to be fixed first.

admjwt4805d ago

how is this delayed again. ive been using beta 12 for weeks now


Mozilla is laying off around 250 employees as part of major restructuring

Firefox market share is on the decline.

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Because More Companies Join Facebook Ad Boycott, Zuckerberg Losing $7 Billion

Because More Companies Join Facebook Ad Boycott, the personal wealth of CEO Mark Zuckerberg turns more than $7 billion down due to this drop.

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Mozilla is releasing a $5 VPN app for Android – Here's how to try it

Looking for a VPN to help keep you and your data safe? Mozilla is currently trialing a new $5/month VPN for Android and Windows 10.

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