White Xperia Play comes exclusively to O2

Pocket-Lint: O2 is just one of many mobile phone carriers which are providing the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but to our knowledge it's the only one that's come out so far with a white version of the gaming handset.

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-Mezzo-4303d ago

Color exclusivity sounds stupid, But as for the phone, it sure looks good, it's certainly not something i would Trade in my Galaxy S for.

jidery4302d ago

The thing i like about this phone is you don't have to make the choice between your portable game system or your phone, with this you get them in the same device and don't have to lug around a phone and a psp.

michass84302d ago

This is strange for smartphone manufacturer, to stick with only one network provider. If they want to sell more devices, they should be accessabele through all carriers. Well we always have a choice to get device from some internet store, but the price will be higher and we wont get them on the contract... :)