O2 spills Samsung Galaxy S5 'late February' release date

THE INQUIRER- The Anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit store shelves at the end of February, if O2 Germany is to be believed.

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Spiewie 3744d ago

Didn't even know Germany had O2 xD it's very likely that it will come out within the next few weeks.


Samsung Galaxy S5 review: A great smartphone if you can still find it - Expert Reviews

Powerful, with a fantastic camera and incredible battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a superb all-round smartphone

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Ofcom delays mobile spectrum auction

Ofcom is to delay the start of its auction for another chunk of 4G spectrum, after threats of legal action from Telefonica and Hutchison, parent companies of O2 and Three.


Consumer Reports Ranks Galaxy S5 Higher Than Galaxy S6

Techfrag - According to Consumer Reports, Samsung Galaxy S5 is better rated among fans compared to the latest flagship Galaxy S6. It isn’t often that we see a previous model of smartphone being rated higher than its successor.So why exactly are fans preferring Galaxy S5 over Galaxy S6?

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