Ten Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

You can’t be The man behind some of the biggest gadgets/technologies known to man and not have an amazingly incredible past. Like his ultra rich counterpart Bill Gates, Steve Jobs is not only brilliant, but he’s also a ruthless businessman who never takes no for an answer. He denied fathering children, and experimented with psychedelic drugs.

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-Mezzo-2857d ago

wow, more twisted stuff than Bill Gates.

Techsmith2857d ago

Yea, He makes Bill look like a choir boy

michass82857d ago

All people should experiment, do some wild stuff, than can say that they know how life taste ... :)

GrumpyVeteran2856d ago


You don't have to jump off a building to know it's a fucking stupid idea and will get you killed.

Much like the stupid shit he did.

You don't need 1st hand experience to know when something is going to be bad for you.

Techsmith2856d ago

Well you have a point, but like all things its all about moderation.

michass82856d ago

It is obvious that you don't want to jump off the building... anyway where from this egsample jump into your head?
You don't need to curse... calm down Your emotions... :)