Apple is a "boring operations company", says former long time employee

Apple may be a money spinning cash cow, but with Steve Jobs no longer at the helm, former employees are slowly coming out with what’s really going on behind the scenes.

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Speed-Racer2027d ago

They'll milk the iPhone till it's dead.

Zerg2027d ago

Don't kid yourself. Apple will always be on top of the rest.

dcbronco2027d ago

Just like they were when they fired Steve Jobs. They were going out of business and Bill Gates saved them by loaning them millions. Without Steve Jobs Apple might become a very average company again. They may have enough to hang on because they can buy success for years. But eventually..

KingPin2026d ago

as long as people like zerg are around, apple will be in business.
sadly for everyone but luckily for apple, a fool is born everyday.

mcstorm2026d ago

Zerg I think your wrong there once a IT company reaches the top they come back down again and in the next 10 years I see Microsoft and Google over taking them as they have fingers in many areas where Apple are only in 3.

franwex2026d ago

Yeah, that's the most profitable company on earth.