Mitsubishi introduce curved Diamond Vision OLED at ISE-2011

OLED-Display: Mitsubishi introduce a curved Diamond Vision OLED Display at ISE-2011. The radius is 917,15 mm by a pixel pitch of 3mm. The resolution is 1920x256 mm. Mitsubishi told us that this is only a prototype but they want to introduce that in to the market in the next few months.Mitsubishi show also the next generation Diamond Vision PMOLED.

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Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid car alarm 'hacked'

The alarm on Mitsubishi's Outlander hybrid can be turned off via security bugs in its on-board wi-fi, researchers have found.


Wild, wonderful and wacky concepts at the 2015 Geneva auto show

Ranging from the near-production-ready Infiniti QX30 compact SUV to the robot-friendly Rinspeed Budi, concept cars at the 2015 Geneva auto show stretch the imagination.


NHK and Mitsubishi develop the first H.265 encoder for 8K video

Engadget - NHK's 8K Super Hi-Vision is an extremely bandwidth-heavy format -- so much so that earlier tests used gigabit-class internet links rather than traditional TV broadcasting methods. Thankfully, both the broadcaster and Mitsubishi have developed an encoder that could keep data rates down to Earth.

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fatstarr4031d ago

this is awesome, in 10 years time. a smartphone will beable to do it.