Near-future Car Interface Technology - Mitsubishi EMIRAI

DiGiInfo-"Mitsubishi Electric have developed a car interface which they believe will be realized within a decade from now. The EMIRAI concept features a newly developed curved, rear-projection display as the dashboard, a tactile interface with buttons that pop up when needed, and a safety system that uses biometrics."

sjaakiejj4465d ago

looks great :) I'll be interested to see if it actually does get used 10 years from now, it'll be quite the revolution.


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NHK and Mitsubishi develop the first H.265 encoder for 8K video

Engadget - NHK's 8K Super Hi-Vision is an extremely bandwidth-heavy format -- so much so that earlier tests used gigabit-class internet links rather than traditional TV broadcasting methods. Thankfully, both the broadcaster and Mitsubishi have developed an encoder that could keep data rates down to Earth.

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fatstarr3947d ago

this is awesome, in 10 years time. a smartphone will beable to do it.