Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc vs. LG Optimus 2X... fight

Engadget: Android is our future, the stat mavens all agree, but for all its rapid growth, Google's OS still suffers from a shortage of top tier differentiation. This has in part been down to LG and Sony -- two of the world's biggest phone makers -- spending the majority of 2010 watching the battle for Android supremacy from the sidelines (the X10 disqualified itself when it announced it neither knew nor cared what Froyo was).

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LG Confirms That Optimus 2X Will Receive ICS Update, At Least in Korea

AH: "LG Optimus 2X is the world’s first dual-core phone. It was the first phone to sport the Tegra 2 chip. However, when it comes to OS updates this phone hasn’t been much lucky. Stuck on the old Gingerbread OS for almost 2-years now. LG stated way back in 2011 that the Optimus 2X will receive ICS update but that never happened."

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allan854129d ago

Finally. The ICS treatment for my Optimus 2X. A very good news for today.Thanks

dilawer4129d ago

it's not confirmed tho, depends on where you're living. :P

allan854129d ago

I'm from Canada, but I'm workin in SK at the moment:P


Optimus 2X to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update, LG confirms

engagdget - If you've been wondering about the fate of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Optimus 2X, wonder no more. LG has just confirmed via Facebook that it the latest Android OS is indeed coming to the 2X and other "high-end smartphones," effectively debunking rumors to the contrary.

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Vantage Magazine's Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review

We start this review with a confession; none of our team have touched a Sony Ericsson (SE) phone in quite a few years. That meant we found ourselves opening the Arc’s box with much trepidation, this being one of SE’s flagship Xperia mobiles and a signal that they are looking to muscle in on the smartphone market currently dominated by the likes of RIM, HTC, Samsung and not least Apple.

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