Bright Hub - HTC Sensation Against the T-Mobile G2x

Bright Hub - The HTC Sensation and T-Mobile G2x are among the first 4G smartphones available through T-Mobile. Both are dual cored beasts but which smartphone looks to dominate T-Mobile 4G spectrum?

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LG Confirms That Optimus 2X Will Receive ICS Update, At Least in Korea

AH: "LG Optimus 2X is the world’s first dual-core phone. It was the first phone to sport the Tegra 2 chip. However, when it comes to OS updates this phone hasn’t been much lucky. Stuck on the old Gingerbread OS for almost 2-years now. LG stated way back in 2011 that the Optimus 2X will receive ICS update but that never happened."

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allan854207d ago

Finally. The ICS treatment for my Optimus 2X. A very good news for today.Thanks

dilawer4207d ago

it's not confirmed tho, depends on where you're living. :P

allan854207d ago

I'm from Canada, but I'm workin in SK at the moment:P


Optimus 2X to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update, LG confirms

engagdget - If you've been wondering about the fate of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Optimus 2X, wonder no more. LG has just confirmed via Facebook that it the latest Android OS is indeed coming to the 2X and other "high-end smartphones," effectively debunking rumors to the contrary.

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HTC Sensation XL vs HTC Sensation XE vs HTC Sensation

Pocket-Lint: The HTC Sensation, Sensation XE and Sensation XL - a triumvirate of Gigantosaurus-screened handsets poses a serious shopping dilemma as to which version to opt for. Each is an Android phone and each one described as a flagship handset by Peter Chou the his team from Taiwan.

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-Mezzo-4518d ago

HTC has gone crazy with Phones, they release about 15+ phones every years. Cheez.