Notion Ink Apps Ported to GTab

SlashGear - For those seeking an alternative custom ROM to boost speed and improve user interface of the Viewsonic GTab, there’s some good news. Developers over at XDA have successfully ported over a portion of Notion Ink ‘s Eden firmware.

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T-Mobile Releasing G2X And G-Slate On April 20th?

TMO News: While we’ve been working on a March 23rd release date for the T-Mobile G-Slate since way back in January and yet it’s been quiet enough to make us wonder if that date still held firm. Thankfully, our caution has been rewarded as we’ve received word that both the upcoming T-Mobile G2x and T-Mobile G-Slate will both drop on April 20th.


Motorola Xoom vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. LG G-Slate -- battle of the Tegra 2 Honeycomb tablets

Engadget: Hello, Moto -- no wait, Samsung... or is it LG? Three of the world's biggest smartphone makers have leapt at the opportunity to serve up Google's brand new Honeycomb build of Android, however their selection of menu items looks to be somewhat lacking in diversity. Motorola's Xoom matches Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in both screen size and resolution (1280 x 800), while LG's Optimus Pad / G-Slate offers only marginally smaller measurements with an 8.9-inch display spanning 1280 x 768.

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-Mezzo-4892d ago

It's just a looks Comparison, Shame. But to me Motorola Xoom, tops them all, in Specs and in looks as well.


LG G-Slate fully detailed by T-Mobile: 3D viewing and recording, available March

Engadget: Though it was technically announced back at CES, T-Mobile just barely talked about the LG G-Slate there, spending more time chatting up Dell's Streak 7 and letting Motorola's Xoom get virtually all of the Honeycomb attention.

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-Mezzo-4909d ago

Looks good, but i think i'll go with Motorola Xoom or iPad 2. they look more promising to me.

michass84907d ago

As we expect back in the 2010, this year will be a huge boom for tablet devices. Here we have another great example.
8.9 inch display looks well :)