Engadget: Dell Streak 7 review

Engadget: Let's be honest, the original Dell Streak had a bit of an identity crisis. The 5-inch device wasn't sure if it belonged in the tablet or smartphone world, and ultimately it was targeted at a pretty niche user. But its larger brother, the Streak 7, is more self-aware.

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Syko4321d ago

The batteries will always be the achilles heel of modern portable devices. Strides in batteries need to catch up to the devices using them.

-Mezzo-4321d ago

Completely agreed, i was interested in this Product, but this Review has been quite an Eye Opener, i guess i'll just wait and get (NGP) since i already own an iPad & looking forward to Motorola Xoom.

_Q_4321d ago

But if your devices lasted so long why would you buy a new one everyyear? Battery tech has caught up. We have refillable hydrogen cells small enough for phones and whatnot(I've even read about certain paper fibers that out do modern battery tech) but no one invests into the tech. It conflicts with the short term abuse they dish out year over year. Its not the tech keeping anything back. I remember hearing about Samsungs new nand flash ram years ago. Tell me why they are just rolling it out now? Because the current stuff is finally running its course and the new tech has so many new buzzwords to get you to buy. Its a nasty cycle. Funny thing is we get worked up when Activision does it with call of duty but we fail to get up in arms when CE companies have done it for as long as i've known.