Ask a Geek: What Can I Do With Dropbox?

Plenty. At its core, Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store up to two gigabytes of data in a folder that resides on the company’s servers—and any other place you need it. The folder syncs to your computer, smartphone and other Web browser-equipped devices. There’s nothing to configure, and it’s surprisingly fast.

toaster4779d ago

I love Dropbox <3 I use it for a lot of things. Storing pictures is the main thing since it will let me upload images that are larger than 5MB, which is the usual cap for other free image hosting sites. Sharing is really easy too, just drop files into the Public folder and it will automatically sync. Move, delete, rearrange, files and folders and Dropbox will auto sync everything which is really neat since I go through about 3 or 4 different computers/laptops a day.

Syko4778d ago

Ya I have heard quite a bit about this...Need to actually jump on board and try it out.

michass84778d ago

Absolutely brilliant solution for folder sync. Very easy to use.

Speed-Racer4777d ago

Dropbox wins cause of its simplicity. No crappy additional features that won't be used. Drag, Drop, Done.

Syko4777d ago

Simplicity = WIN

Every time.


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