Hitachi Ships First Enterprise Class 3TB Hard Drive

Hitachi didn't win the race to 3TB, but it did blaze a new trail by introducing its new 3TB Ultrastar 7K3000 hard drive. What makes this drive unique is that it's the first enterprise-class, 3.5-inch HDD to offer this much capacity. In addition, it's the only 7,200 RPM drive this side of the Milky Way to come rated at 2 million MTBF.

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Honda is setting up a new company to produce electric vehicle motors with Hitachi

Honda is among the few major automakers still entrenched in fuel cell hydrogen over battery-powered vehicles as an alternative fuel.


ASUS Vivo MiniPC UN65H review - Pokde

The ASUS VivoMini PC UN65H is a great compact-sized PC, but it may just need a bit more oomph to justify its rather lofty price tag.


Hard Drive Reliability Update: Seagate vs. WD vs. Hitachi Failure Rates

GamersNexus: "BackBlaze just reported its annual failure rate for 34,881 drives that house 100 petabytes of data (that's 100,000,000 gigabytes). The latest report reinforces earlier data that Seagate has some of the poorest longterm endurance of all tested devices, with 3TB drives climbing to a 15% annual failure rate (from 9% at the time of last reporting). WD 3TB drives aren't immune to worsened lifespan, though, and have also jumped from 4% to 7% in annual failures."

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