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BackBlaze Analyzes Hard Drive Failure Rates, Dubs Hitachi the Most Reliable Brand

Maximum PC: Cloud backup firm BackBlaze has posted some interesting data over the course of the past couple of months, including one in which the company talked about estimating the life expectancy of hard drives. Turns out such a task is tricky business even for a firm that keeps over 25,000 HDDs spinning at all times. BackBlaze also posted data suggesting that enterprise drives might actually be less reliable than consumer HDDs, but neither study really answered the question the company is most frequently asked -- which drive should a consumer buy? If failure rate is the only concern, BackBlaze says Hitachi is the most reliable HDD brand around.

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BenqMagician3119d ago

Well my next hard drive might be Hitachi now.

GameSpawn3118d ago

"By the end of 2013, BackBlaze had 27,134 consumer grade drives spinning in its storage pods."

There you go. Consumer Grade. I don't buy consumer grade Western Digital or Seagate. I buy the server/professional grade stuff and have never had issues.

If you have a system that is on 24/7 (or close to it) no consumer grade drive will EVER take the stress. Spend a little extra on your hard drive in the beginning and you'll end up spending less over the long run.

There is a reason the professional grade stuff has a 3-5 year warranty and the consumer stuff only has 1-2 years.